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    Great news for my hometown!-> Ashley expanding Davie workforce by 454 jobs… via @JournalNow #mfg #MadeinNC

    ISO 9001:2015 Update – Tips for the Transition

    Here is the good news: ISO is adopting the same “high level structure” for its ISO 9001-based standards. Now each time a standard is revised, it will consist of the same 10 sections as all the others. This approach is going to make it much easier to integrate multiple management systems.

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    What Does Modern Manufacturing Look Like?

    Modern manufacturing isn’t what you think it is, and no company better illustrates that than textile Manufacturer Spoonflower. I spent some time in their facility during Manufacturing Week last week and got to hear about their R&D in this unique textile manufacturing operation.

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    Safety Isn’t Temporary

    When it comes to protecting temporary workers, both the staffing agency and the host site are considered employers of temporary workers and, therefore, both are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work environment for these workers.

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    How STEM Skills Transcend Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

    The National Commission on Mathematics and Science for the Twenty-first Century has projected that 60 percent of the newest jobs will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce. In the US, and even in STEM-savvy NC, the skilled worker shortage is approaching a crisis point. Why aren’t we producing enough STEM-trained professionals, and what can we do to counter the trend?

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    An Update on the New ISO 14001 Standard

    The ISO 14001 development committee (Technical Committee 207, Subcommittee 1, Working Group 5) has made progress in moving the new 14001 standard from a Draft International Standard (DIS) to a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).  Publication of the FDIS is anticipated in September 2015.

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    Prep Now for a Safe and Healthy Summer

    Blooming trees and flowers here in the South are the prelude to a long, hot, humid summer. Workers exposed to hot indoor environments, or hot and humid conditions outdoors, are at risk of heat-related illness.

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