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OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Update

0.5 Day, 4 Instructional Hours
4 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
4 PDHs (Professional Development Hours for Engineers)

About This Course:
OSHA requires employers of organizations that handle, store or use hazardous chemicals, to train all workers in Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) changes by December 1, 2013. OSHA has aligned its Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This half day, interactive training session will review and clarify major changes to the standard with a focus on what employers need to know and do to ensure compliance.

Recommended for:
Environmental, safety and health managers, plant and facility engineers, maintenance staff, experienced environmental safety and health managers looking to ensure compliance with the revised HazCom Standard.

Participants will:

  • Review major changes in the new Hazard Communication Standard
  • Examine new criteria for classifying hazardous chemicals
  • Understand new labeling requirements for hazardous chemicals
  • Examine changes to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Review OSHA's implementation schedule for required changes
  • Be prepared to comply with the new standard

Topics include:

  • Key changes in the Hazard Communication Standard
  • New system for classifying and labeling chemicals and chemical mixtures
  • GHS Pictograms, signal words and other required label elements
  • New format and requirements for Safety Data Sheets
  • OSHA's implementation schedule
  • How to comply with the new standard