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ISO 9001 Internal Quality Auditing

2 days, 13 instructional hours
About This Course:
Learn the concepts of ISO 9001 and how the standard can be a valuable part of any business management system. Acquire the skills to conduct successful internal quality system audits for ISO 9001.
Recommended For:
  • Anyone who needs to learn about quality systems auditing
  • Members of ISO 9001 implementation teams
  • Representatives from key functional groups
  • Internal auditors for ISO 9001
Participants Will:
  • Define and use basic quality system terminology
  • Discuss the process approach and its impact upon auditing techniques and methodology
  • Use innovative exercises to help you thoroughly understand the purpose and role of the internal quality auditor
  • Learn and practice effective communication skills and techniques, including effective questioning and conflict management
  • Plan, prepare and perform an internal quality audit. You will participate in audit team meetings, collect evidence and report your findings.
Topics Covered Include:
  • Basic quality system terminology
  • The process approach
  • Effective communication skills
  • The internal quality audit