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Lean Six Sigma

Plus 2 Upgrade to a Black Belt with Minitab™

05/12/201406/13/2014Raleigh, NC
11/03/201412/12/2014Raleigh, NC

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

07/08/201407/09/2014Live Online Course, Web

Design and Innovation with Computer Simulation

07/15/201407/18/2014Raleigh, NC

Review of Statistical Tools for Quality Professionals - Live Web Course

07/22/201407/23/2014Live Online Course, Web

Lean Six Sigma Forum 2014

08/12/201408/13/2014Raleigh, NC

Mistake Proofing for Robust Processes

08/19/201408/22/2014Raleigh, NC

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with JMP™

08/25/201409/26/2014Raleigh, NC

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with JMP™

08/25/201411/21/2014Raleigh, NC

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Minitab™

09/08/201412/12/2014Raleigh, NC

Effective Design and Analysis of Surveys

09/16/201409/19/2014Raleigh, NC

Computer Simulation Modeling with SIMIO®

10/13/201410/16/2014Raleigh, NC

Multidimensional Data with Minitab - Live Web Course

11/18/201411/19/2014Live Online Course, Web

Design for Six Sigma

12/02/201412/05/2014Raleigh, NC