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Discover how NC State University is helping the healthcare industry.

Healthcare WorkerFor years, NC State University has worked successfully with hospitals and other medical care facilities to measurably improve the delivery of healthcare by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and eliminating mistakes using the same engineering tools that can improve any process.

Partnerships between experts from NC State University and healthcare providers have recently helped:

  • one hospital attain a coding accuracy of 100% with a potential savings of $1 million a year
  • create an ER for non-life threatening emergencies capable of treating and discharging patients in an average of 59 minutes
  • improve the scheduling system for a multi-location clinic, achieving economic benefit of $325,000 annually
  • a regional healthcare organization submit for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award

NC State University’s experts can help your healthcare organization create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement and world-class quality. Tell us where it hurts.

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