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To The Point

How STEM Skills Transcend Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

The National Commission on Mathematics and Science for the Twenty-first Century has projected that 60 percent of the newest jobs will require skills possessed by only 20 percent of the current workforce. In the US, and even in STEM-savvy NC, the skilled worker shortage is approaching a crisis point. Why aren’t we producing enough STEM-trained professionals, and what can we do to counter the trend?

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An Update on the New ISO 14001 Standard

The ISO 14001 development committee has made progress in moving the new 14001 standard from a Draft International Standard (DIS) to a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS).  A number of changes are being made to the standard with publication of the FDIS is anticipated in September 2015. See the full post for more information.

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The Race to Continuous Improvement Victory

Auto racing is a high pressure, high stakes world where results are measured in the thousands of a second, and small missteps can cost millions of dollars. Great racers have great pit crews. A driver can be an exceptional talent, but if they rely on a slow or error-prone crew, or an inexperienced crew chief, the driver’s chances for success dwindle. Nineteen engineering professionals that attended the IES-offered April 15 “Pit Crew Simulation” at Pit Crew U in Mooresville, NC quickly discovered those same metrics can be applicable to their companies and to their efforts to compete globally.

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Prep Now for a Safe and Healthy Summer

Blooming trees and flowers here in the South are the prelude to a long, hot, humid summer. Workers exposed to hot indoor environments, or hot and humid conditions outdoors, are at risk of heat-related illness. It’s important to have a heat prevention plan in place! Now is the time to begin preparing your workplace to keep the summer season safe and healthy.

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How to Build Your Own Masterpiece

Wouldn't it be nice to have an "Erector Set" that would help build an organization? All of the systems would work together toward the primary mission of an organization. A structure, or framework, would give guidance but allow each user to create something truly unique.

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Have you checked the pulse of your company lately?

Our life is full of checks, rechecks and assessments that let us know if we are on track to reaching our goals, exceeding them, or- heaven forbid!- getting worse. But do we do the same with our companies? Do we periodically assess our strengths and weaknesses? Do we periodically let others inside our facility to evaluate our organization?

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EPA’s Newest Gem – The Proposed “Clean Power” Rule

A new age of energy management is here! Charlie Parrish discusses the January 29 NC Chamber Environmental Compliance conference in Durham, NC, where a panel spoke on EPA’s proposed “Clean Power Rule”, which will target reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy generation through the use of state-by-state targeted goals. 

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2015 New Year’s Resolutions

There is exciting potential when you position yourself or your company for success. Set small goals to keep moving forward to a successful 2015. What are you and your company's resolutions and goals this year that can position you all for success?

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