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Buy American and Make a Difference

(4) Comments | by Cheryl Smith |

Ship with American FlagWhat a great video that is a very concise and simple explanation of the loss of jobs in the US to overseas.  It is well worth your 4 minutes. 

Watch the video and then go and sign the pledge to bring jobs back to the US.  Also you can follow this movement on Facebook. 

I wrote a similar blog about this back in November

I signed the pledge and I hope you will too.  Maybe by buying American products and sharing this information we can make some impact on the US economy.


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    Gene Beneduce
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    Great video!  And if we are seeking a USA product and the store does not have it, let their Mangagement know that.

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    Bill Iacovelli
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    Thanks for sharing.  A lot of people don’t think about the 2nd and 3rd jobs lost in a community that support each manufacturing job lost.

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    Mary Stephenson
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    I’m going to share on my facebook page.

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    Great Video - Thanks!  At EZ Able® we try to source, promote and sell US manufactured products whenever possible.  Many of our stairlifts are manufactured in the USA and well as ALL of our Curbless Showers, Custom Shower Kits and Shower pans. 

    Looking for US made Stairifts, Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Porch Lifts?  Find them here:

    Looking for US made Shower Units?  Find them here:

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