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Buy American and Make a Difference

(3) Comments | by Cheryl Smith |

Ship with American FlagWhat a great video that is a very concise and simple explanation of the loss of jobs in the US to overseas.  It is well worth your 4 minutes. 

Watch the video and then go and sign the pledge to bring jobs back to the US.  Also you can follow this movement on Facebook. 

I wrote a similar blog about this back in November

I signed the pledge and I hope you will too.  Maybe by buying American products and sharing this information we can make some impact on the US economy.


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    Gene Beneduce
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    Great video!  And if we are seeking a USA product and the store does not have it, let their Mangagement know that.

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    Bill Iacovelli
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    Thanks for sharing.  A lot of people don’t think about the 2nd and 3rd jobs lost in a community that support each manufacturing job lost.

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    Mary Stephenson
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    I’m going to share on my facebook page.

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