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Cyber Security Risks Threaten All Businesses

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How much thought have you given to cyber security threats and the risk to your business? The threats are real and one compromise could cause your business significant financial hardship through lost or stolen data, production delays and hacked systems. As I heard last week at the ISA Automation Federation Conference,

If you are in automation, you are in cyber warfare. The threat is significant, well-documented, ongoing and will increase.

And the size of your business won't protect you.  Hackers can no longer be dismissed as mischievous college students experimenting for the thrill of it. They are professionals looking to disrupt or take over your systems and obtain your data; your business, no matter how small, is a target if your industrial systems are networked. For example, if you take orders and process payment online, you are required to be PCI Compliant; if you are not and your data is breached, fines range from $5000-$500,000!

I promise that this information is not to terrify you! This week, IES hosted NIST's 5th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop and in the next few months, we hope to be able to provide a manageable plan to help you assess and mitigate your cyber security risk.

Stay tuned.


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