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Does Your Company Make New Year’s Resolutions?

(4) Comments | by Cheryl Smith |

As 2013 comes to an end, many of us are making our New Year's resolutions -- diet, exercise, read more, .... But how many businesses participate in this yearly ritual?

2014 Calendar
(What do you have planned for 2014? Image: "2014 Calendar," by danielmoyle, from Flickr under Creative Commons.)

What about New Year's resolutions for your company? The end of the year is an excellent time to take a candid look at your business. What should you be doing next year to make your business stronger, leaner, more productive; to improve retention and/or make your business a great place to work?

What type of resolutions could I make for my business?

  • Develop my employees -- more training, coaching, mentoring
  • Fix that process or program that has been broken
  • Be a better leader -- motivate my employees
  • Communicate better across my organization
  • Have a positive attitude and have fun at work
  • Be more environmentally friendly
  • Work smarter
  • Have shorter or fewer meetings
  • Start something new -- do something different -- a new marketing campaign, a new product, a new way reach your customer

There are surely many more. But as 2013 comes to end, it can be a great time to take the temperature of your business and make some resolutions for how your organization is going to be better in 2014!!! Happy New Year!!!

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Cheryl Smith oversees strategic marketing and research as well as IES's regional managers throughout North Carolina. She has a wide background in sales, marketing, strategic planning, public policy and executive leadership with companies such as GE, Wachovia, Armstrong World Industries and Hatteras Yachts. Cheryl has degrees from Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. Connect with Cheryl using her LinkedIn account.


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    That’s quite true.. Many people take many resolutions on every new year but only few follow the resolutions strictly.. this year we should develop new ideas to make our companies stronger than before.. quite impressive post for me.

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    Ruth LononPropertyInventories
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    Lovely list. We have almost all of the mentioned implemented with our inventory company. Some of the really useful trainings we had were in neuro logic programming. These add amazing properties to the whole personal! Another useful tip would be basic trainings in web presence and design. Even though we do property inventories, none of the staff had any knowledge in html, which benefited emails for an example.

    Ruth of London Property Inventories

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    LondonInventoryCompany Paulin
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    It is a common practice for inventory companies. London is indeed a really competitive market..  As an inventory clerk and a logistic coordinator i can tell you that resolutions are a MUST. Employee trainings and motivation programs are not only good for inventory companies. London is full of team building services and trainings and we constantly receive offers at our inventory company.


    I think that a more peculiar question would be how to ensure the strict exection of a resolution and it is valid not only for inventory companies..

    Would love to read a bit on that! :)


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    New Year Quotes
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    My company doesn’t make any resolutions, but it definitely makes its employees to make New Year resolutions. I am also one of them. Happy New Year 2015 in advance

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