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Innovation in the Small Things [video]

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In this episode of the "Manufacturing Minute" we tackle the hot topic of Innovation, and offer either a contrary view or a cautionary one, depending on your perspective.

There's little doubt that innovation is important, and even vital to developing new products for new markets, but it seems that many companies are trying to achieve big innovations while they overlook the benefits of small ones. There's a balance to be struck between pursuing one or two breakthrough-level innovations and encouraging lots of smaller-scale innovations and improvements.

So, what is your company doing in terms of innovation? Have you come up with new ways of doing business, new products, or new processes? Let us know, and as always send any other comments, questions, or suggestions for future topics to themfgminute AT

In other news, the "Manufacturing Minute" is now a year old! The very first episode, Did You Use Anything Today that Wasn't Manufactured?, went up on YouTube on September 25th, 2012, along with a bonus "Series Introduction" episode. We weren't able to sustain the episode-a-week pace for the whole year, but today's was episode 38 (not counting bonus episodes) so we averaged about three a month.

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All of the videos are available on the Manufacturing Minute YouTube page. Thanks for watching!

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Gray Rinehart has been with IES for 5 years. He is a retired Air Force officer, a contributing editor for Baen Books, and an author of one book, Quality Education; a dozen short stories; and two dozen essays, articles, and other works. Connect with Gray on Twitter at


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