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Maker Faire: North Carolina

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Make plans now to attend the Maker Faire: North Carolina on June 7, 2014 at the NC Fairgrounds Exposition Center. Maker Faire: NC celebrates things people create themselves — from James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos to Martha Stewart-quality “slow made” foods and homemade clothes. Inspiration is ubiquitous at the festival and there are surprises around every corner for people of all ages.

The goal is to bring together Makers, Crafters, Inventors, Evil Geniuses, Scientists, Artists, and everyone else for a day of fun and inspiration. There are Cool Things to Do and an opportunity to Meet the Makers.

As my friend Kate Reilly exclaims, "It’s not manufacturing per se, but it’s a great way to get the Manufacturing Generation 2.0 some fun, hands-on experience with 'made in NC', and 'with your own hand' at that".

Afterall, Manufacturing Makes It Real!


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    Gray Rinehart
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    I looked to see when the next Mfg Makes It Real event was, and didn’t see one scheduled yet. Be sure to post about it to let us know!


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    Alex Jeffery
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    Thanks I have it on my calendar. It’s great to see more items made in the good old USA!

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