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The Role of Emotion in Leadership

Emotion. How many times have we heard that the workplace is no place for emotion? A productive, contributing employee is expected to bury emotion and display polished logic, saying nothing that offends anyone.

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Knowledge Management

We're having a luncheon today for a colleague who is retiring this week. This colleague has been at IES for over a decade and manages our stakeholder reporting requirements, which are many (some might say legion).  My colleague alerted me to her plans a year ago, and we were able to plan a transition for another team member into her role.

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The Hard Truth about ‘Soft Skills’

The title for this blog popped in my head…like a flash of inspiration in response to a recent comment made in my presence about how much easier it must be to instruct soft skills classes and receive positive evaluations (since they involve so many activities and fun) as opposed to technical skills classes.

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Where is the Customer Focus?

I am currently developing some programs around customer service, strategic customer care, customer focus, and the overall customer experience.  These are topics that have been of interest to me since I first learned about total quality management in the late 80’s as a disciple of Tom Peters.

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