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The Race to Continuous Improvement Victory

Auto racing is a high pressure, high stakes world where results are measured in the thousands of a second, and small missteps can cost millions of dollars. Great racers have great pit crews. A driver can be an exceptional talent, but if they rely on a slow or error-prone crew, or an inexperienced crew chief, the driver’s chances for success dwindle. Nineteen engineering professionals that attended the IES-offered April 15 “Pit Crew Simulation” at Pit Crew U in Mooresville, NC quickly discovered those same metrics can be applicable to their companies and to their efforts to compete globally.

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Have you checked the pulse of your company lately?

Our life is full of checks, rechecks and assessments that let us know if we are on track to reaching our goals, exceeding them, or- heaven forbid!- getting worse. But do we do the same with our companies? Do we periodically assess our strengths and weaknesses? Do we periodically let others inside our facility to evaluate our organization?

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Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturing in North Carolina

The Institute for Emerging Issues followed up its 2013 Emerging Issues Forum, @Manufacturing Works, with a year of investigating the challenges and opportunities modern manufacturing has for North Carolina by co-hosting local manufacturing community forums in 15 counties.  IEI released its findings from these forums this week in a report titled "North Carolina's Manufacturing Future: Community-Level Challenges, Solutions and Action."

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Manufacturing and the Big Game

One of the best commercials during the "Big Game" emphasized whether it is possible to make a high quality consumer product, in this country, with domestic-sourced raw materials and with a talented American workforce.

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