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3D Printing and Liability [video]

In this episode of the "Manufacturing Minute" -- the fifth in our series, Will 3D Printing Doom Manufacturing, or Save It? -- we consider the issue of liability with respect to 3D-printed items.

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Where is the Customer Focus?

I am currently developing some programs around customer service, strategic customer care, customer focus, and the overall customer experience.  These are topics that have been of interest to me since I first learned about total quality management in the late 80’s as a disciple of Tom Peters.

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Keeping Customers Satisfied Part 2

I wrote my last blog on customer satisfaction and used the Kano Model to help explain different levels of attributes or product features that will delight your customer and keep them coming back.  This blog will focus on how those needs, which are the voice of the customer, get translated into actions that your organization should take to sustain customer satisfaction.

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