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Innovation and Growth

Total Business Innovation System in Manufacturing

For the last decade, many manufacturing organizations have often focused on business as usual or a term we use, "business stability" - an environment for reducing costs to remain competitive. To counter cost pressures, often from global competition, manufacturing organizations have strived to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by using techniques such as lean manufacturing, quality methods, 'green' initiatives and other industrial engineering practices.

While these efforts have often been greatly successful in their objective to maintain business (and aid survival), they have had very minimal impacts on growth and profitability. This makes sense; as one Manufacturing Executive recently said "you can't cost-cut your way to growth and profitability."

The IES TBIS model invites companies to think about all stages necessary to get innovative new products and services successfully to market as a primary means to growth and profitability. It begins with Seeking Opportunities. This may be a formal growth strategy or simply just a new mind set. Ideas may be generated and filtered in this stage. In the second stage, Creating Solutions, companies advance their best ideas and refine them before moving to market. In the next stage, Building Markets, companies look to find ways to identify new markets or better penetrate existing markets. TBIS is a comprehensive approach to growing your organization in a profitable manner.