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Operational Excellence

Good is no longer good enough. To survive in today's competitive environment, you need to excel. To excel, a company needs to focus on all parts of the organization, optimizing the use and effectiveness of all of its resources. 

  • How do your current business practices and performance align with the global marketplace? The Promoting Business Excellence assessment tool will objectively tell you where you stand.
  • Do you seek perfection in eliminating waste and inefficiencies while standardizing quality?  While the Lean Six Sigma toolbox has been around for decades, an IES expert can help you refresh and renew your process improvement program.
  • And Lean Six Sigma can work for any industry. With Lean Health Care, the same "lean" principles that have saved countless businesses enormous time, energy and money can revolutionize your health care operation.
  • For those companies well on their way to lean manufacturing transformation or who want to learn from those companies ahead of them on the journey, the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence provides a model for applying the lean philosphy from the factory floor to the executive suite.
  • Industrial engineering provides a systematic approach to cost savings, facility design and efficiencies in time and motion.
  • Is your company committed to consistency and continuous improvement for customer satisfaction and operational excellence? A Quality Management System provides proof that you have a consistent process striving for continual improvement.
  • National recognition of operational excellence confers bragging rights, attention and often business from companies who want to work with world class.  The North Carolina Performance Excellence Program provides four levels from beginner to advanced that ultimately prepare you to compete for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
  • Along the way, project management provides a systematic approach to planning and implementing any project with the essential and fundamental tools for success.