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2018-19 Annual Report

Executive Summary

NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES) is seen as a key contributor to the state’s economic development inventory of business solutions. We leverage state and federal resources to provide engineering and professional programs in support of business growth primarily throughout the state and nationally, where appropriate.

Our primary objectives for 2018–2019 were to enhance recognition of industrial extension through better outreach practices and to develop extension personnel in ways that ensure effective business communication.

We accomplished this by establishing a new training methodology for field staff in order to advance business engagement efforts using the “Trusted Advisor” model. IES also provided staff training on a Core Value business assessment tool for use in evaluating clients for service needs and introduced a Competitiveness Review business assessment tool. This approach positions IES to deliver on more complete and long-term solutions towards accelerating business development opportunities.

Innovation and strategic partnerships remain critical to attaining the IES mission and to our role as an applied technology unit of the NC State College of Engineering. Over the past year, we have realized new partnership opportunities to better position efforts to address a myriad of new challenges our clients are facing. For example, significant time and resources have been secured and dedicated to raising awareness of and compliance with the newly-established cybersecurity requirements that determine a company’s eligibility to conduct business within certain sectors.

We continue to administer federal grant awards, focusing on identifying, assessing, and providing solutions to manufacturers and defense contractors that serve to improve profitability and long-term growth.

Active federal awards included:

  • NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership
  • DoD Office of Economic Adjustment
  • NIST MEP Digital Supply Chain Enhancement

IES is committed to being a recognized leader in continuous improvement services, professional development and independent project evaluation. We have learned that market leadership requires constantly rethinking our engagement methods and program solutions. We continue to monitor and improve with a focus on four primary goals from the IES strategic plan: