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2018-19 Annual Report

Goal 2: Business Systems & Process Improvement

We continue to look for ways to strengthen our internal business systems and processes, auditing activities to create a more efficient infrastructure. By focusing on internal improvement, IES can better serve both our internal and external clients with greater depth and veracity. The end goal of our efforts will be greater client and stakeholder satisfaction.

In 2018–19, IES:

  • Broadened the services of our client care team
  • Continued to focus our engagement strategy on becoming our clients’“trusted advisor” with
    service and support
  • Enhanced internal performance metrics to strengthen our focus on efficiency and effectiveness in serving client needs
  • Continued to strengthen our expertise and functionality around our Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool Salesforce, making it the centerpiece of our data support and information including housing and managing our 3rd party vendor contracts

Our plans are to continue refining our processes, working towards world class client engagement, adding velocity through our sales cycle, while nurturing our client requests and needs.