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2018-19 Annual Report

Goal 4: Client & Stakeholders

At the heart of it all is you—our clients and stakeholders. Every day we come to work with a single question in mind: how can we better serve you and the multiple industries across the state of North Carolina. 

In 2018–19, IES: 

  • Utilized internal resources to work more closely with colleagues at the College of Engineering to better execute the mission of the university
  • Supported a Client Engagement Team, applying best practices around client interactions 
  • Implemented Client Care Initiatives to ensure effective preventive or corrective action response to the voice of the client from survey or course evaluations
  • Delivered approximately 350 industry fee-for-service projects, utilizing 30 IES Extension Specialists and Regional Managers 
  • Delivered 113 open enrollment courses, and workshops for a total of 30,810 contract hours, serving 1,500 students 
  • Offered nine online courses serving 71 virtual students

In all, IES recognized approximately $1.95M in fees for services and $913,305 in open enrollment and professional learning state appropriated receipts.

Product Area

Management Systems and Quality:


Business Growth and Innovation:


Open Enrollment and Online Courses:


Environmental Health and Safety:


Process Optimization-Manufacturing and Related for Profit:


Process Optimization-Health Care, Government, NonProfit:


Evaluation Services and Resource Development:


Minerals Research Lab:


IES was also awarded the following federal grants and contracts during the 2018–2019 calendar year, including:

Government Entity

Year Awarded

Award Amount


Project Duration

Susan B. Harwood Training Grant, Disater Preparedness

Occupational Safety &
Health Administration




9 mths

Manufacturing Extension Partnership Center for the State of North Carolina

National Institute of
Standards & Technology



Cooperative Agreement

1 yr

United States Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment




Cooperative Agreement

1.5 yr