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Annual Report 2019-20

Goal 1: Employee Development & Engagement

In 2019–20, we continued to support the development and engagement of IES employees through:

  1. Enhanced awareness of and support for the IES mission and values, providing opportunities for staff input, innovation and shared decision making
  2. Promotion of an employee engagement and community culture and improved communication, generating opportunities for collaboration and greater awareness of progress towards shared goals
  3. Enhanced support for IES staff development

We invested strategically in resources to support a culture of leadership, learning, communication and collaboration:

  • Continued to deliver weekly “In the Loop” emails designed to streamline internal communications and ensure everyone has access to timely, critical information
  • Served as facilitator and event planner for the IES summer and winter All Hands Meetings
  • Facilitated IES Wellness Annual Report Updates.
  • Met monthly to foster employee development and engagement, with initiatives like community service activities and staff training and development advocacy and promoting  IES values
  • Awarded the well wolfpack certification ‘gold standard’ for the second year in a row for efforts in sustaining  a wellness culture
  • Featured in an article by the University which highlighted IES’s initiatives to promote wellness and engagement through IES wellness programs
  • Developed and deployed an interest survey to determine virtual coffee breaks to be implemented biweekly across IES. 
  • Continued a wellness subcommittee to lead, develop and implement initiatives, community outreach and wellness workshops
  • Became a member of the new university wellness strategic planning committee. The IES wellness champion worked with a sub-group tasked with  building and maintaining collaborative opportunities with campus and community partners to increase awareness of wellness at NC State.
  • Participated in IES and state-wide walking challenges and developed an IES water challenge which has been adopted by the University as a challenge
  • Volunteered to serve two organizations. Individually, 50% of our organization has accumulated over 90 hours of community service.  
  • Participated in University sponsored lunch and learns on retirement, resilience and goal-setting. IES sponsored three social wellness events around mindfulness, healthy living and STEM (Pi Day).

Over the next twelve months, we plan to restructure the employee and engagement team to be more reflective of IES’ future state and ensure better alignment with the enterprise model. By using the enterprise model’s strategic priorities as a focus for our efforts, we will be able to better gauge, track and enhance employee engagement and development. We also intend to roll out an updated employee engagement survey, as well as a wellness interest survey, to ensure that we are addressing the current needs of our staff.