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Negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have become front and center and are covered frequently by the national news. Things like layoffs, stay-at-home orders, lack of PPE, stress on our healthcare system and the number of deaths make the nightly news. But, there are other negative effects that aren’t talked about much or as easy to quantify. Although staying inside will help flatten the curve, it comes with its own set of challenges. Those with mental illness, people experiencing increased levels of stress and people in violent domestic situations have yet to find a voice among the noise.

For those living with various types of mental illness, staying at home may have devastating effects. Humans are social creatures. Thankfully, we live in a time where self-help is just a Google search away. Mental Health America maintains a Mental Health and COVID-19 Information and Resources page for those looking for help. 

A record high number of layoffs and uncertainty about the future is causing many Americans to experience high levels of stress. Long-periods of stress can have adverse effects on all aspects of your life. Stress can worsen physical and mental health, disrupt your sleep pattern, increase the chances of forming an addiction and cause disruptions in concentration. Coping mechanisms exist to lower the feeling and impact of stress. 

The stress associated with a natural disaster, combined with stay-at-home orders, have led to a spike in domestic abuse claims. According to research gathered at 22 police departments around the country, 18 saw a jump in domestic violence. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department fielded 517 additional domestic violence calls, an 18% increase from this time last year. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has advice resources for those experiencing domestic violence.


Shelby Kimes is a Marketing Content Writer in the marketing department for NC State Industrial Expansion Solutions. She writes marketing content for various IES and media platforms to communicate the services and values of IES. She also writes the marketing material needed to alert existing and/or potential clients of any updates within IES. She previously interned with the marketing department at Greenville Parks and Recreation in North Carolina. Shelby graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s in Sports Studies and a Minor in Marketing/Business Administration.