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We have a saying around here that in NC, we make everything from tortilla chips to microchips, and one of my favorite activities is helping people discover all the amazing products that are made in North Carolina. With Easter around the corner, let’s focus on how to have a celebration that is made in North Carolina.


You can find many locally-produced items to help you prepare your holiday meal:


Easter Baskets

You can even customize your Easter basket!

  • I had a lot of fun finding Made in NC baskets: Look at this one and this one and this one!
  • And you can fill the basket with decorative eggs like these or these eggs
  • If you are dying eggs, you can dye locally-produced ones. The second-largest Egglands’ Best franchisee in the USA is in North Carolina
  • While no white or apple cider vinegar for mixing the egg dye is made in the state, there are gourmet options for vinegar (although maybe not best used to dye eggs!)
  • Perhaps the Easter Bunny can bring a Schleich toy for any little ones.  Shleich is now headquartered in Charlotte.



Candy is an important part of Easter, and there are several locally-made options:


Whatever graces your table and baskets this Easter, have a happy holiday. And try to stay away from the pollen, which is sadly, also very much made in North Carolina right now!



KeAnne Hoeg

KeAnne Hoeg is manager of market research and reporting for Industry Expansion Solutions. She describes her job as “playing with data.” Her group is responsible for managing required reporting to stakeholders, several internal applications, including the CRM system, the Manufactured in North Carolina website, knowledge management and data mining.