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Have you ever been asked to create a face-to-face training or an online course to share your expertise with others in your field? A request to share your knowledge is a testament to the dedication you’ve invested in your trade; however, as you prepare, you might find there are still questions you don’t know the answers to: What will participants need to know? How do you organize everything? Do you need handouts? How do you put your content online? Where do you start?

When posed with the challenge of creating a training session or an online course, these kinds of questions and doubts are expected. This is where professional instructional design services can help. Instructional designers and developers recognize that you are an expert in your field; they offer services to help you plan, organize, create, and deliver your face-to-face, online, or hybrid training, so that the prospect of designing an entire training doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming.

The instructional design team works closely with you to assess the needs of your audience and to identify existing knowledge and skills gaps before incorporating your content into interactive modules, instructional videos and graphics, lesson plans, handbooks, and/or presentations, depending upon your particular needs. The team can also analyze,evaluate, refresh, or enhance existing materials to help you better meet your training goals.

Please visit Industry Expansion Solutions Instructional Design (opens new window) to learn how the IES Instructional Design Team can enable clients with custom e-learning and blended learning experiences.