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AI Could Improve Sustainability Through Smart Recycling Sorting

The US is the #1 waste producing country in the world. Would you practice recycling if it was easier? Lessening the amount of waste in landfills and the ocean largely depends on how US manufacturers decide to dispose of their trash. Newly invented artificial intelligence may be the key to increased recycling practices. Learn more about how this new artificial intelligence is helping improve worker safety and quality control, reduce costs and contribute to a more sustainable society. 

Strategizing Your Supply Chain Like a Game of Battleship

If you’ve ever played the game of Battleship, you know it’s mostly a game of chance. You guess where your “enemy’s” battleships are and you attempt to sink as many as you can. If you’re an expert at battleship, you might know that the best strategy is to spread your ships out in random spots on the gameboard. Much like the game of battleship, an organization must decentralize their supply chain allowing more flexibility, closer proximity to customers, a more motivated workforce and the ability to take advantage of low labor costs in different areas. Learn more about how you can build a winning supply chain.