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My daughter’s 18th birthday was last week and while she was blowing out the candles, all I could think was that in the eyes of the law, she is now officially an “adult,” with all the associated rights and privileges. My baby girl no longer needs her mama. She can march right on into Walgreens and buy her own cough suppressant! I can add this to the growing list of things, reminding me that I am old.

Well, I’m not the only one getting old. This year, OSHA turns 50! Having already crossed that milestone, I am fully prepared to warn them that they will no longer refer to their knees as “left” and “right,” but as their “good knee” and “bad knee.” Welcome to the club, OSHA! 

Speaking of reasons to celebrate—we have a brand new courseOSHA #2045 Machinery & Machine Guarding Standards. Register today and get to know the hazards associated with various types of machinery and how to determine proper machine safeguards.


Holli Singleton

Holli SingletonHolli Singleton is the Assistant Director of Safety & Health Services at NC State Industry Expansion Solutions. In addition to managing the services offered by the Safety and Health Specialists, she develops and presents workplace safety and health education courses, conducts worksite assessments and provides occupational safety and environmental assistance to employers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.