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Last week, my 15 year old daughter accepted a “promposal” and my husband is beside himself.  Her suitor is a bag boy at Harris Teeter, wears his pants up at his waist and drives a 1999 Ford Focus with an “I Heart Marching Band” bumper sticker—I’m thinking we need to focus on the positives!

Shopping for the dress was an adventure—have you seen the Kardashian-inspired strings of sequins they call prom dresses these days?  Anyway, we photographed and texted every dress she tried on to her dad for approval and his responses ranged from “no way” to “have you lost your mind?”  He finally texted a thumbs up on a yellow and orange floral print muumuu that she tried on as a joke!  I told her not to worry, we would get it altered at the “Sew What Tailor Swift” dress shop—those ladies can work miracles with seven days and a piece of fabric that big!

Next I’ve got to convince her daddy to put down the Remington and take in a deep breath.  Have mercy, somebody needs to warn that poor fella before he comes to pick up my little angel.

Speaking of picking things up,  Southeastern OTI is offering a crane class…


Holli Singleton

Holli SingletonHolli Singleton is the Assistant Director of Safety & Health Services at NC State Industry Expansion Solutions. In addition to managing the services offered by the Safety and Health Specialists, she develops and presents workplace safety and health education courses, conducts work site assessments and provides occupational safety and environmental assistance to employers throughout the southeastern region of the United States.