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Pro Tip: Let data drive your direction.

Why it’s important All too often, we want take action based on perceived problems or long held beliefs that certain actions will result in the outcomes we desire.  It’s important to understand your problem at a deeper level, and data is the best tool you have at your...

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Why Cybersecurity Matters

By the end of the 2017 calendar year, the Federal Government will require compliance with a set of security requirements outlined in the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA). These are described in NIST’s Guides for Applying Risk Management Framework...

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Focus on… tick borne illness

STARI, STARI Night I was getting ready for bed when when the first wave of symptoms washed over me. My face felt dry and hot. My head began to throb steadily. I felt a bit like I was moving in slow motion. Oh no! I thought. It must be the flu. It wasn’t… It was...

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Deadlines. Meetings. Email. Oh My.

Deadlines! Meetings! Email! Laundry! The car needs an oil change! The grass hasn’t been mowed! Oh, my goodness – life can be so noisy! And hear me when I say this past month has been a little louder than average. On top of the normal buzz, my family moved aging...

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Trainer Toolbox for July 2017

  When Sparks Fly Presenting NEW General Industry PowerPoints A picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video?   FOOTnotes – For Our Outreach Trainers: Information specific to OSHA Outreach Trainers authorized through the Southeastern OTI Education Center.    ...

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70-20-10: How Professional Development Happens

We have been learning and growing our knowledge of the world and our interactions with it since birth. Throughout our lives, not a day will go by without some learning opportunity presenting itself. As adults in the workplace, we learn from our experiences, our...

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Tips for Mentoring Employees, Part 1: What’s a Mentor?

What is Mentoring? Mentoring is when an experienced individual helps guide and develop the successes and goals of a less experienced person. In her article, How to Be an Amazing Mentor: 12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Others, Lindsay Kolowich describes the mentor...

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Trainer Toolbox for May 2017

A collection of everything that’s new for safety trainers! Included in this edition: Don’t let the heat stress you out; stay cool!  Tractor Talk Materials, now available en Español   May, it’s Electrical Safety Month!  Safety and Health Programs   FOOTnotes – For Our...

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Twitter News

Did you ever consider that implementing #eLearning might positively affect your bottom line? Learn how: