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Attacked by crazed fowl this fall? That’s reportable!

There’s nothing funny about workplace accidents. Well, except when they are funny. And sometimes, assuming no one was seriously injured, we just have to admit that the circumstances were on the zany side. The humor is frequently captured in the accident report, and...

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mfgCON 2016: What We Learned and Who We Recognized

The theme of mfgCON 2016 could easily have been “Modern Manufacturing Challenges and How to Meet Them.” In between sessions and during networking coffee breaks over October 18 and 19, I heard folks talking with their peers about pressing issues like employee retention, digital disruptors, and creating culture shift—mfgCON creates a unique space in which we can not only learn about the challenges facing our sector, but really bounce ideas off of one another and hear what has worked, and what hasn’t.

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Tips for Training New Employees

We’ve all been through new employee training. Many of us know the pains of the bad and ease of the good. It’s important to remember that this is a new employee’s introduction to how a company works, but it’s also easy to forget what it’s like to go through the process...

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Beware of Cyber Attacks; Be Aware of Cybersecurity

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), and as an attendee of the 2016 MEP Center Best Practices Conference in Detroit this September, I was able to obtain what can only be described as spine-chilling insights into the impact that cyber attacks are...

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Talking Safety on the Farm

“Farm life” can evoke an image of fresh air, unrestricted spaces and rewarding hard work.  Yet, farming ranks among the most dangerous industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that agricultural workers have a fatality rate seven times higher than all...

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We’re knee deep in the political season and it seems no matter where we turn, pundits, candidates and impassioned voters are disagreeing left and right! So, in the spirit of bridge-building, unity and peace, let’s highlight some stuff we can agree on.

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Trainer Toolbox for September 2016

A collection of everything that’s new for safety trainers! Included in this edition: New sample class agendas for our Outreach Trainers  2017 OSHA Outreach Trainer update classes—book your seat now! Free training materials on our new Tractor Talks website More trainer...

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