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North Carolina scored on several record-setting events in 2021. Last year saw a record number of businesses created: over 178,000 new businesses! 2021 saw a record number of visitors to state parks: 22.8 million visitors!

However, not all the state’s 2021 records are favorable. One is quite detrimental to the citizens and business owners: 2.4 million people in North Carolina were impacted by cyber-attacks in 2021, and a new record was set for ransomware attacks. Let’s try to keep the record-setting events in 2022 beneficial for North Carolina, its businesses, and its people.

Jeff Stein, the General Attorney of North Carolina, urges that “organizations and individuals should all take steps to protect against criminals trying to steal our identities and our money. I will never stop fighting against these scammers, and I will hold accountable any organizations that fail to put in place reasonable protections to keep people’s data safe.” Learn about the steps you can take to protect against cyber-attacks and respond to the rise in ransomware from the office of North Carolina’s Attorney General in the article Attorney General Josh Stein Warns of Record Number of Data Breaches in 2021 on Data Privacy Day.