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The employment of temporary workers in the workplace has maintained a continuous increase and these workers are injured or killed on the job at an alarming rate. According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contract workers accounted for 17% of worker deaths in 2013.

When it comes to protecting temporary workers, both the staffing agency and the host site are considered employers of temporary workers and, therefore, both are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work environment for these workers.

Host employers must ensure temporary workers are properly trained in safe work practices. Temporary staffing agencies must ensure that site-specific hazards are identified and temporary workers are adequately trained prior to starting an assignment. Temporary workers should be able to report injuries without fear of retaliation.

Thanks to support from the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor, Industry Expansion Solutions and the Southeastern OSHA Training Institute Education Center are now able to offer you free training materials to help protect the health and safety of your temporary workers. These training materials, titled “Safety Isn’t Temporary”, are designed to introduce workers hired on a temporary basis to basic information on worker rights and potential job site hazards.

Take action now:

  • Download the free training materials to enable your training staff to effectively communicate and reinforce health and safety guidelines to temporary workers. You will receive an Instructor’s Guide, Participant Manual, and a PowerPoint presentation to properly introduce hazards to temporary workers.
  • Build a meaningful collaboration among workers, staffing agencies and your organization.
  • Make a commitment. Whether temporary or permanent, all workers always have a right to a safe and healthy workplace

I look forward to hearing your best practices and other suggestions to keeping temporary workers safe. Please considering sharing them with us!