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In recognition of National Clean Out Your Computer Day on Monday, Feb 14, 2022, show some love to your computers and digital devices. Set aside some time to delete unnecessary programs, clear out that recycle bin, and perform a full system scan. Regular maintenance of your computer and other devices helps keep you organized, your computer running smoothly, and your data better protected against cyber attacks.

Perform these top tasks for a cleaner, faster, and better-protected computer:

  1. Run the disk cleanup tool (for Windows) or disk utility tool (for MACs) to identify any unused or unwanted programs or files. Uninstall any applications that you no longer need or use. Clear out your downloads and recycle bin folders.
  2. Organize your Desktop and Documents folders. An organized desktop and documents folder can help you locate important files faster. Don’t store files and folders on your desktop. Files and folders should only be kept in the documents folder. You can create desktop shortcuts to the files and folders that you use everyday.
  3. Update your antivirus program and run a full system scan and boot scan. A full system scan and boot scan should be run regularly to catch anything that may slip through. Remember, an antivirus program can only protect your computer if you keep it up to date.

If you are still looking for a gift to show your valentine how much you care, consider helping them clean out their computer. Maybe even finish it off with a keyboard cleaning and monitor wipe down!

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