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FOOTnotesFOOTnotes – For Our Outreach Trainers: Information specific to OSHA Outreach Trainers authorized through the Southeastern OTI Education Center.


OSHA Wants Your Input On Powered Industrial Trucks

Do you want to assist OSHA in making updates to the Powered Industrial Truck Standard? OSHA is currently working on new revisions to this standard which became effective in 1971 to better ensure worker safety. OSHA is seeking information on: types, age and usage of powered industrial trucks and more. Comments must be submitted before June 10, 2019. Any comments and materials can be submitted electronically at Read OSHA’s news release regarding this update in full→


Safe + Sound 2019

According to OSHA, approximately 56,000 employees die from work-related injuries and illnesses every year. Another 6 million workers sustain non-life threatening workplace injuries which costs U.S. businesses more than $125 billion. For this reason, OSHA has established the annual Safe + Sound campaign. OSHA’s Safe + Sound is a safety and health initiative designed to encourage proactive health and safety programs in the workplace. Registration opens July 1th for Safe + Sound Week on August 12th – 18th. Visit OSHA’s Safe + Sound webpage to learn more and explore their informative resources.


Make Sure You’re Prepared for a Radiation Emergency

The effects of a radiation emergency can be disastrous if not properly contained. Whether its a truck that spills radioactive waste all over the interstate, a remote laboratory mishap or a leak from a nuclear facility that contaminates the local river, it’s crucial for your organization to be prepared. OSHA has created a Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Response web page to promote the health and safety of workers during and after a radiation emergency.


A Cautionary Tale

The importance of protecting your workplace from hazards is not only vital for your employee’s well being, but also the stability of your organization. A metal heat treatment company in Ohio is being fined up to $1,326,367 by OSHA after the organization exposed its employees to atmospheric, thermal, electrical and mechanical hazards. After an OSHA investigation, it was revealed the organization made 25 deliberate and dangerous violations that could have resulted in injury or death. OSHA’s website is chock-full of workplace hazard prevention and control and hazard identification and assessment resources to keep your organization from experiencing this fate. Read the full news release →


Instructor Resource—PowerPoint PresentationsFOOTnotes

Did you know that the NC Department of Labor and OSHA Directorate of Training and Education have PowerPoint presentations on various safety topics available for public use? From construction related resources to health and safety guides, these resources were created for you and workers like you to ensure a safer and more productive work environment. This information can be found at the following links:



Safety and Health



Teaching Aids

10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Trainer Presentations

Outreach Training Program:

10-Hour General Industry Outreach Trainer Presentations



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