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FOOTnotesFOOTnotes – For Our Outreach Trainers: Information specific to OSHA Outreach Trainers authorized through the Southeastern OTI Education Center.



Is Your Workplace Winter Weather Ready?

Extreme winter weather in North Carolina tends to be scattered weeks and even months apart, sometimes striking as late as April. When the temperatures drop and the weather gets hazardous, make sure you’re prepared and your employees stay safe. Get relevant information from OSHA’s Winter Weather webpage to help prevent winter weather-related illness, injuries and fatalities.


Stand-Down To Stand Up Against Workplace Falls

May 6th through the 9th marks the fourth annual weeklong National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. This event urges employers and workers to pause during the workday and have meaningful discussions concerning workplace fall hazards and how to prevent them. Learn more about how you can participate in the upcoming event→


New Requirements for Crane Operator Certification

OSHA issued its final ruling on crane operator certifications requiring employers to train, certify/license and assess operators to safely execute crane activities. Most prerequisites became effective Dec. 9, 2018, but the assessment and documentation requirements will become effective Feb 7, 2019. Read OSHA’s full news release→


OSHA Outreach Training Program Revisions

Attention all outreach trainers! There will no longer be a grace period for expired trainer’s cards. If your trainer authorization expires, you will be unable to oversee OSHA Outreach Training Program classes and receive student course completion cards. The only grace period exemption is for overseas military service. Military service members have 90 days to renew their trainer card after re-entering the United States. These revisions apply to construction and general industry outreach programs alike.

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