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Protecting Workers from COVID-19 Hazards 

Are you interested in learning about OSHA statistics concerning COVID-19 infections in the workplace? OSHA maintains an up-to-date COVID-19 Response Summary web page containing data regarding their COVID-19 outreach activities, federal and state complaints, referrals and closed cases and more. 


Ventilation in the Workplace

According to the Department of Health, adequate ventilation can reduce the risk of in-door COVID-19 transmission. OSHA has created a publication entitled, “COVID-19 Guidance on Ventilation in the Workplace” with tips to help you maintain a ventilation system that keeps workers healthy. 


OSHA Outreach Trainer Research Opportunity

West Virginia University (WVU) Safety and Health Extension is conducting a research study to assess the effectiveness of 10-hour Construction Outreach Training programs. The goal is to learn about the 10-hour Construction Outreach Training approach and whether there is, in fact, an improvement of safe and healthy work practices. If you have conducted at least five, 10-hour Construction Outreach Training courses over the last 18 months, please contact to obtain information about participating in a phone interview with WVU. Following all phone interviews, participants will be mailed a $20 gift card. Hey, that sounds like a good deal in the spirit of research!


Winter Weather Hazards

You don’t want to get caught unprepared when winter weather strikes. OSHA maintains a Winter Weather Hazards webpage to help you plan, prepare and respond to winter weather hazards. 


Changes to OSHA Outreach Training Program Guidelines in 2021

With the many unexpected developments experienced in 2020, Outreach Trainers must stay updated on any potential program changes in the new year. Please visit regularly to keep abreast of any revisions.


Trainer Portal Account Duplicates

If you have ever been authorized through Southeastern OTIEC, it is important to note that you should never “Create New Account” when trying to access the trainer portal. If you are encountering problems while attempting to login, simply send an email to for assistance.


Trainer Portal Tutorial

Southeastern OTIEC has developed a new tutorial to help users successfully navigate the trainer portal. Simply click here to begin!


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