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  • Five Tips to Build Capacity for Internal Program Evaluation

    While NC State’s Industry Expansion Solutions Evaluation Group provides comprehensive evaluation services across various industries, we seek to train our clients on how to build evaluation capacity within their own programs as well. Here are a few ‘quick tips’ we’ve learned and would like to share with you.


  • A Guide to Program Evaluation

    Want to learn how efficient and effective your program is? Here are several key factors that may indicate an evaluation of your program should be considered.


  • Solving the Student Success Equation

    Grants can be catalysts for implementing innovative student support strategies at your college or university. If you’re interested in how grant funding can advance your student support mission, we’ve highlighted a few funding opportunities for you.


  • The Perfect Equation: Student Support + Grants = Success

    With 2018 well underway, are students on track to meeting their mid-term goals? Are colleges and their staff prepared to offer students the support they need?  Oftentimes, when our team is evaluating grants, student outcomes play a huge role in how success is measured by funders.