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8-Hour HAZWOPER for Environmental Professionals

Course Details:

1 Day, 8 Instructional Hours
8 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
8 PDHs (Professional Development Hours for Engineers)
About This Course:
Environmental professionals need to be familiar with compliance guidelines for hazardous waste site cleanup and corrective action operations as outlined in 29 CFR 1910.120. Refresh your knowledge with this hands-on workshop. Unlike traditional HAZWOPER workshops, this workshop focuses on recognizing and avoiding common physical and chemical industrial hazards by using appropriate preparatory techniques, on-site work practices and air monitoring instrumentation.
Recommended for:
This workshop is designed for environmental consultants, sampling personnel, surveyors, drillers and other persons who might be involved in the assessment of potentially contaminated sites, as well as supervisors, managers and other hazardous waste site remediation personnel. Employees at TSD facilities would also benefit from this workshop.NOTE: This is an annual refresher class. ALL participants should have completed a minimum of 24 hours of initial HAZWOPER training.
Participants will:

  • Receive HAZWOPER refresher training required by 29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8) and (p)(7)(ii)
  • Gain an understanding of commonly faced physical and chemical industrial hazards and review actual incidents involving these hazards
  • Examine actual photos of industrial sites to identify hazards that may be faced in the field
  • Review common usage problems with air-purifying and air-supplying respiratory protection
  • Discuss how to appropriately select air monitoring instrumentation and how to properly interpret results

Topics include:

  • Preparation for field work
  • Inhalation hazards and respiratory protection
  • Absorption hazards
  • Air monitoring instrumentation and techniques
  • Thermal hazards
  • Walking/climbing/working surface hazards
  • Confined space hazards

Additional Information:
Participants should be dressed comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes as some demonstrations and activities may be conducted outdoors.

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Mac McNulty
Glenn C. Clapp EFO, CHMM, CFPS

Upcoming Dates

Location: Raleigh NC
Start Date: December 06, 2022
End Date: December 06, 2022
Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Cost: $295
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