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OSHA 7000 OSHA Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling

Course Details:

1 day, 7.5 Instructional Hours
7.5 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
7.5 PDHs (Professional Development Hours for Engineers)
This course is eligible for credit towards the Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate.

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About This Course:
This course covers OSHA ergonomic guidelines for safe patient handling and methods to protect workers in all healthcare settings. Using OSHA’s Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes as a basis for any healthcare facility, this course focuses on analyzing and identifying ergonomic hazards and practical solutions to address these issues.


Recommended For:
The intended audience is the healthcare facility administrator, safety officer and/or human resource personnel designated with the responsibility to develop an ergonomics process.


Participants Will:
  • Be able to apply “OSHA’s Ergonomics Guidelines for Nursing Homes” in their healthcare facility
  • Identify, analyze and develop solutions for ergonomic risk factors in healthcare
Topics Include:
  • Developing an ergonomic work process
  • Risk factors in patient handling and transfers
  • Identifying work processes with the potential for musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses
  • Protocol for resident and patient assessment
  • Implementing solutions including work practices and engineering controls

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Holli Singleton

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