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OSHA 7210 Pandemic Illness and Workplace Preparedness

Course Details:

7.5 Instructional Hours
7.5 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
This course is eligible for credit towards OSHA’s Public Sector Certificate.

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About This Course:
This course describes the recognition of hazards and risks associated with a pandemic illness event and introduces strategies to assist a business, community, or family with realistic preparation for a pandemic event to assure business continuity and employee safety. Information will be provided on strategies that can be used to control the spread of the illness, minimize exposure to employees and family, and offer resources available from OSHA and other government agencies.
Recommended For:
The intended audience is the private business leader and members of their management team that may be integral to preparedness planning, including but not limited to, finance, security, safety, and human resources.
Participants Will:
  • Detect the potential impact of a pandemic illness event on a business and community
  • Identify critical elements of a preparedness plan
Topics Include:
  • Impact of Pandemic Illness
  • Key Elements of a Preparedness Plan
  • Strategies to support continuity of business operations
  • Government website resources

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Holli Singleton
Jeff Main
Wendy Padgett

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