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Digital Supply Chain Management

Course Details:

1 day, 6.5 Instructional Hours
6.5 PDHs (Professional Development Hours for Engineers)

Course Description:
This course will assist small and medium manufacturers (SMM) in the evaluation and understanding of how digital supply chain management (DSCM) is connected to traditional supply chain management. The course presents knowledge and skills in the full spectrum of supply chain activities: forecasting, aggregate planning, master scheduling, materials planning, purchasing/procurement, operations and inventory management, and logistics/transportation. The course will assist in mastering these traditional supply-chain topics and, based on that foundation, move to the digital supply chain. Using real world examples and tools, this course will provide insight and tactics to familiarize participants with DSCM and begin the evaluation and implementation of DSCM. This course will benefit participants by determining their current adoption of digital supply chain concepts, their readiness for implementing DSCM, and discussing barriers to utilizing digital supply chain tools and technologies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Small and medium-sized manufacturers will be able to apply Industry 4.0 and digital supply chain management concepts, practices, and technology applications to their manufacturing operation where relevant and aligned with their strategic objectives.
  • Leadership in manufacturing operations will be able to recognize the potential benefits of pursuing digital maturity in their operation while also understanding the necessary investment of time and resources to achieve it.
  • Small and medium-sized manufacturers will be able to distinguish the difference between buzzword-jargon and real, tangible, relevant technologies to improve their operation without being intimidated.
  • Small and medium-sized manufacturers will be able to identify which areas within the supply chain they are more mature and areas where they may be less mature or deficient in their path to the digital supply chain

Who Should Attend?
This course was designed with Small to Mid-size Manufacturers (SMM) in order to assist in the evaluation and understanding what Digital Supply Chain is, how it benefits SMMs and how to move towards implementation of DSCM.

Additional Notes:
Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel installed.



*This material was produced under a grant from the U.S Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in support of its MEP Digital Supply Chain Network (MDSCN)

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