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Innovation Management Workshop

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About this workshop:
An innovation system could make your new year more profitable. We define innovation as commercializing a meaningfully unique idea that a customer will pay for. However, research has shown that only 10% of companies have an innovation strategy. Innovators have a return on sales twice as high as manufacturers that compete primarily on strategies of low cost, quality or delivery.

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Through this workshop you will:
  • Discover why Innovation Management is a “must-have” for business growth
  • Understand the types of innovation and why they are important
  • Learn to implement tools to create innovative ideas
  • Participate in exercises to begin your journey
  • Gain tips on implementing a sustainable innovation management system
The Innovation Management Workshop will show you what it takes to put in place a process to “ideate,” test, maintain and sustain an innovation system.


Suggested Audience:
The Innovation Management Workshop was designed to focus especially on the needs of CEOs, owners, senior leaders, plant managers, and business development managers within a manufacturing organization.


None, but we recommend you bring a laptop with Wifi capabilities to this workshop.


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Kevin Grayson

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