Master Black Belt – Design and Innovation with Computer Simulation

Course Details:

Complex processes are difficult to analyze because direct experimentation with them is not feasible or practical. Traditional quality improvement methods such as Design of Experiments (DOE) and statistical process control are limited due to the complexity of the process and limited visualization of bottlenecks and throughput. Computer simulation is a tool that can combat those deficiencies by creating a detailed understanding how a process is configured or product is produced. It provides a laboratory for developing current “As Is” models and transition to “Future State” models without costly capital investments.

Simulation adds value to your projects by accurately modeling complex transactional, healthcare, supply chain, and manufacturing environments, testing operational alternatives, and quantifying potential results and performance expectations in chaotic processes, where high variability is present.


You Will Learn:
  • Basics of building simulation models for your processes and products
  • Understanding of applying Risk Analysis (Monte-Carlo simulation) and Process Simulation (Discrete-event simulation) to the analysis of your systems
  • How simulation can be used in a cost-effective manner across an entire organization to increase the effectiveness of data analysis, Design of Experiments and Implementation
  • To build risk simulation models using CrystalBall™ simulation software
  • To build process simulation models using Simio®
  • How to analyze transactional, health care, and traditional manufacturing systems using simulation

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