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Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is the logical next step for most companies seeking to design new products and services to achieve six sigma level performance. DFSS is the traditional new product development process with best practice Six Sigma tools to support the design of high quality, customer-focused, products and services. Following the DFSS process and applying many Six Sigma tools to support each phase will improve your existing new product development process.


This course provides a basis for reviewing your organization’s current new product/development process using the Design for Six Sigma framework. This course gives the participant an overview of the DFSS process and primary tools with a hands-on lab to demonstrate the application of the tools, focusing on driving innovation in an organization using DFSS methodology and understanding how to overcome challenges to successful implementation.


Each participant will conduct a gap analysis of their organization’s new product development process.


Recommended For:
  • Professionals in new product or process development.
  • Any professional who is seeking a fundamental understanding of how to design, improve or deploy Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methods.
  • Experienced professionals with extensive demonstrated Six Sigma experience.
  • Anyone with an interest in the subject matter. Six Sigma certification is not required to attend.
You Will Learn:
Overview of DFSS
DFSS Define/Measure Phase
  • Project Selection, Project Charter
  • Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • VOC laboratory exercise
DFSS Analyze Phase
  • Translate VOC into design specifications
  • Design specification laboratory exercise
  • Concept generation
  • Concept selection
  • Statistical hypothesis testing using Minitab™/JMP™ software
DFSS Design Phase
  • Detailed design process
  • Design capability analysis
  • Experimental design (DOE) for product design
  • Process simulation techniques
  • Detailed design laboratory exercise
DFSS Verify Phase
  • Introduction to reliability and tolerance design
  • Transferring design to manufacturing
  • Manufacturing assembly laboratory exercise

JMP™ is the preferred software for this course.  Minitab™ may be used, however it may have limited functionality on some topic areas. Free trial software is available or you may purchase software for an additional fee.

Additional Information:
  • Participants must have a Gap Analysis of current new product development process to bring to class.
  • Participants must bring a PC laptop to class each day.
  • Participants will be in a laboratory setting designing a new product using DFSS tools. Participants seeking additional theoretical depth in specific tools will be directed to other classes, such as Design of Experiments (DOE), Reliability, and Mistake Proofing.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring relevant data to class.
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Please call the Office of Professional Development at 919-515-2261 for questions or to be put on a waiting list for this course.

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