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OSHA 7400 Occupational Noise Exposure Standards

Course Details:

1 Day, 7.5 Instructional Hours
7.5 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
7.5 PDHs (Professional Development Hours for Engineers)

This course is eligible for credit towards the Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate.

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About this Event:
This course focuses on describing noise hazards in the workplace. Course includes OSHA occupational noise exposure standards, properties of sound, noise-induced hearing loss, noise exposure control, selection and use of hearing protection, and sound level surveys and noise dosimetry, and worker training. Classroom demonstrations of noise instrumentation and hearing protection devices are featured. At the conclusion of this course, the student will understand properties of sound and its relationship to noise-induced hearing loss, hearing protection usage, and using a sound level meter.

Recommended for:
The target audience is the employer or representative designated with the responsibility to develop a noise program.

Participants will:
Given OSHA noise standards, the participant will be able to assess occupational noise exposures in the workplace

Topics include:

  • Describe occupational noise
    • Define sound properties
    • Define hearing loss
    • Use a sound level meter (SLM)
  • Describe occupational noise exposure standards
    • Describe general industry standards
    • Describe construction standards
    • Describe maritime standards
  • Describe noise exposure hierarchy of controls
    • Identify engineering controls
    • Identify administrative controls
    • Identify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) controls

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