PCE Injection Molding 101

Course Details:

1 Day, 6.5 Instructional Hours

About this course:
This course is an introduction to the process of plastics injection molding and is designed for operators, technicians, process engineers, quality auditors, supervisors, and maintenance personnel. This course covers general fundamental aspects of the injection molding industry, how the injection molding process flows through the manufacturing facility and is intended to give the student the information necessary to effectively understand the molded product thus improving the performance of the injection molding process. The Injection Molding 101 course explains step-by-step what occurs in the injection molding process from the feed hopper to the mold. It addresses all areas of injection molding plant operation, from receipt of raw materials to packaging of the final product.  Focus is placed on the equipment used in each operation unit with emphasis on areas important in recognizing  safety hazards and preventative maintenance.

Participants Will:

  • Receive an introduction to Injection Molding as an Industry
  • Learn general Plastic Processing Methods
  • Understand how the Injection Molding  Process Flows Through the Manufacturing Facility

Topics Include:

  • Overview and History of Plastics
  • Common Injection Molding Defects
  • Material Handling, Drying and Feeding
  • Safety Hazards Focused on the Injection Molding Process
  • Preventative Maintenance of Injection Molding Equipment

Recommended for:
Facility and manufacturing personnel in the plastics processing industry.

Additional Information:
This course has no prerequisites.

The registrations for this course is managed by the Polymer Center of Excellence located in Charlotte, NC if you have further questions about this course you may contact them at 1-704-602-4100.

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