PCE System Analysis and Validation Project

Course Details:

10 days, 65.0 Instructional Hours

About this Course:
The course will teach procedures for the scientific analysis, validation, and documentation of an optimized injection molding process. It details the stringent requirements for many industries such as electronics, medical and automotive and applies to all high-performance, critical-tolerance injection molded parts. On-machine demonstrations supplement the classroom material, so the applicant will be involved with actual machine operation, troubleshooting and validation.

Participants Will:

  • Validation Strategy
  • Identify 18 common molding problems: analysis and troubleshoot
  • Process performance qualification
  • Validate and document complete process

Topics Include:

  • Plastic part design analysis
  • Materials selection analysis
  • Installation qualification procedure
  • Operational qualification defining process ranges and window

Recommended for:
Facility and manufacturing personnel in the plastics processing industry.

Additional Information:
The PCE Fundamentals of Injection Molding or RJG Systematic Molding class, the Math for Molders class and the Master Molder 1 must be successfully completed prior to participating in Injection Molding Systems Analysis and Validation Project.

The registrations for this course is managed by the Polymer Center of Excellence located in Charlotte, NC if you have further questions about this course you may contact them at 1-704-602-4100.

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