RJG Math for Molders

Course Details:

1 Day, 6.5 Instructional Hours


About this Course:
This Math for Molders course is intended for anyone who struggles with mastering the math skills needed to successfully complete injection molding processing courses. RJG has found a large percentage of people in the injection molding field are intimidated by the math required to take processing courses and therefore refrain from signing up. This Math for Molders course is an instructor led class that focuses on the math skills required to process using Scientific Molding techniques.

Participants Will:

  • Students will better grasp the math techniques taught, and the knowledge provides a better math skills foundation for future RJG courses.
  • Calculate intensification ratio, screw design
  • Understand force, pressure and area as they affect every function of the process
  • Verify the machine is capable (tuned to good specs), can it accomplish the task of delivering the plastic to the mold?

Topics Include:

  • Calculating Area (for various shapes)
  • First step to understanding square inches at the parting line
  • Clamp Tonnage Requirements
  • Step 2 using square inches with plastic pressure to establish clamp force requirements
  • Ratios
  • Pascal’s Equation
  • Speed Versus Time
  • Group Activities for Solving Real Mathematic Problems With Your Molding Process

Recommended for:
Facility and manufacturing personnel in the plastics processing industry.

Additional Information:
This course is an add-on day for RJG Injection Molding Essentials and Systematic Molding classes. By adding the extra day of math class.

This course has no prerequisites.

The registrations for this course is managed by the Polymer Center of Excellence located in Charlotte, NC if you have further questions about this course you may contact them at 1-704-602-4100.

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