RJG Molding Essentials

Course Details:

2 Days, 13.0 Instructional Hours

About this Course:
This course is designed for anyone new to injection molding. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques.

Participants Will:

  • Will fully grasp the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process and learn key terminology that will help you communicate and solve molding problems.
  • Leave this course familiar with all major components of an injection molding machine and mold, as well as the three elements of the cycle and what happens during each phase.
  • Understand the general nature and properties of plastics and understand the economic impact of making rejects, blocking cavities, and cycle time variation, and will learn why the four plastic variables (Melt Temperature, Flow Rate, Pressure Gradient, Cooling Rate and Time) are important when trouble-shooting a process.

Topics Include:

  • Nature and Properties of Plastics
  • Basic Injection Molding
  • The Clamp, Injection Unit and Mold
  • Elements of the Cycle
  • Molding for Quality
  • Introduction to Instrumented Molding
  • Avoiding Common Molding Problems

Recommended for:
Facility and manufacturing personnel in the plastics processing industry.

Additional Information:
This course has no prerequisites.

The registrations for this course is managed by the Polymer Center of Excellence located in Charlotte, NC if you have further questions about this course you may contact them at 1-704-602-4100.

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