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Evaluation Services

Core Values

As a research and evaluation team affiliated with the Industry Expansion Solutions unit and the College of Engineering, our organization’s core values are:

Integrity: Do the right thing – always!

Innovative Solutions: We foster creative talent to deliver high impact solutions to drive success.

Customer first: We uphold a culture of exceptional service.

Pursuit of Excellence: We partner to achieve measurable economic impacts for North Carolina and beyond.


Core Competencies

Project Management

  • Develop and submit RFP responses
  • Communicate regularly with clients
  • Develop budgets and budget justifications
  • Develop reports in a timely manner


  • Adhere to official evaluation standards
  • Perform evaluations ethically
  • Respect to all stakeholders involved
  • Make research contributions to the field of study

Situation Analysis

  • Provide a detailed overview of the program
  • Identify stakeholder data/evaluation needs and addresses during evaluation
  • Seek input on the evaluation along the way
  • Understand organizational cultures, politics and change theory

Reflective and Systemic Inquiry

  • Develop evaluation questions aligned to the project work plan
  • Understand and apply quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Provide evaluation comments, strengths, limitations and opportunities

Customer Focus

  • Resolve conflict
  • Engage in constructive conversations and interactions
  • Provide written and verbal feedback
  • Solicit feedback on the evaluation process as a whole

Adapted from King et. Al 2001 Evaluation Competency Framework

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