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The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is hosting the Southeastern Region annual Lean Summit May 1-3, 2023 in Charlotte, NC.

This year, the summit is all about leadership. Workshops and tours will focus on building skills and culture to enable current and future leaders to drive continuous improvement in their businesses. From AME’s website, the summit is focused on “Cultivating tomorrow’s lean leaders: Speeding toward excellence”. For more details, visit:

NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions’ Lean Improvement Specialist, Chris Hartley, will be presenting a workshop titled, “Introduction to Kata
Topic covered include:
– Business operations
– Extended value stream management
– Human organizational development
– Management systems

By practicing Toyota kata, anyone can become better equipped to navigate ambiguity and reach challenging goals. So, if you want to enable the people in your organization to achieve their full creative potential, contact NC State University Industry Expansion Solutions today to learn more about kata approaches. Upon completion of our on-site coaching, you will be able to:
– Leverage the scientific thinking model
– Utilize both the improvement kata and coaching kata
– Apply techniques of deliberate practice
– Develop and operationalize improvement kata patterns
– Create a deliberate culture for learners and coaches
– Access to industry experts
– Referrals and networking
– Technical assistance
– Business assessments
– Training and education
– Innovative technologies

Chris Hartley serves as a Lean improvement specialist working with hospitals, physician’s offices, public health departments, government agencies and many other types of organizations to teach and guide them through their lean journey. Chris has over 15 years of process improvement and project management experience in government, hospital, and laboratory service industries. 

Chris’ responsibilities include teaching classes, training on-site with organizations to lead them through their lean journey, and coaching and mentoring personnel to become lean leaders in their respective organizations. Chris has led Kaizen teams to see dramatic decreases in throughput in hospital emergency departments, decrease in time to hire for human resource departments, as well as increasing capacity and production for multiple government agencies. Chris holds certifications as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; DDI Leadership Content Facilitator; and The Culture Works – All In Culture Course. Chris has a B.S. in psychology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Chris operates out of the Greensboro, NC office servicing North Carolina and Virginia to bring the lean message to healthcare organizations.

If you are searching for a better way to lead, develop people and produce superior results, this lean summit will help put you over the top. What are you doing to lead the way in improving your organization’s ability to engage your people and compete?
Association for Manufacturing Excellence Southeastern Region Lean Summit 2023