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I’ve spent some time in Raleigh, graduated from NC State and been to all 100 counties in North Carolina but it’s east of I-95, where I was born, grew up, and raised my family. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people and places in Eastern NC that have been there to inspire and help me when I needed it. To give back to the communities that raised me, I work as a regional manager for NC State Industry Expansion Solutions (IES). As a regional manager, I work with manufacturers in Eastern NC to help them obtain the services they need to stay in business and stay competitive.

As I am raising a family with two incredible, active boys, 10 and 12 years old, I’m showing them the beautiful, diverse area of Eastern NC in which they live: the historic towns and structures, the people and the living environment. The military bases, soldiers and defense industries guard and grow our freedom. The products that are grown and manufactured right down the road from their home. The boat they jump off of into the water during the summer. The seafood they eat for lunch at their favorite restaurant. The mask they wear each day to school. The medicines they take to stay healthy and the medical devices they will need if they aren’t careful on their skateboard made in Hampstead. 

I share this with you not to talk about me but so you understand that Eastern NC is my home and I care about its people, businesses and economic development. In many parts of the state and country, it is undeniable that we are facing severe workforce issues, issues that significantly impact the Eastern part of the state.

NC State IES is holding a webinar entitled “Workforce Challenges – Tools to Overcome” on April 26, 2022 to discuss these workforce issues in Eastern NC and possible solutions to this challenge. Topics will include an overview of labor conditions in the area by noted economics and solutions around hiring veterans, continuous improvement of your processes and automation, and what assessments can tell you. And it’s free!

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