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Team Development

Changes in the industry, regulatory requirements and customer demands all drive the need for changes in organizational systems, people and culture. For strategic change to be successful, it is necessary to consider its impact across the full breadth of the organization. Leadership, capabilities, structural interfaces, decision-making and talent management must be designed to enable strategy in an integrated manner. At the same time, ensuring your organization has the capacity for change is critical to embedding a lasting transformation.

Team performance is the key to any successful organization

IES offers tailored team development solutions for enhancing your team’s effectiveness by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, facilitating honest conversations and providing tools that support team development.

Team Assessment

Both long-standing and newly-formed teams benefit from an in-depth understanding of their collective strengths and development needs. These include interpersonal and operating styles, behavioral tendencies, and level of alignment – all of this in the context of the challenges facing the business overall, the team, and each person’s role. With greater understanding among team members, teams minimize conflict and misunderstanding, enhance working relationships, and leverage collective strengths to operate more effectively.

Team Building

Even high-functioning teams need the chance to recharge individual members and re-align with the organization’s mission and vision. IES’ team development programs include practical exercises, assessment instruments, and coaching to help groups focus on process and relationships as well as results. Teams leave our sessions ready to work smarter, faster, and better together to achieve common goals.

Team Coaching

In addition to working in a group setting with the entire team, our team effectiveness coaches work one-on-one with team members to facilitate their engagement, integrate their individual goals with those of the team, enhance their commitment and contribution to the team’s success, and improve their working relationships with fellow team members.

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